Unusual Renovations: Three Informative Examples


A previous blog post covered factors to consider when renovating a castle, windmill or any building with historical heritage, and another post discussed the art of converting non residential buildings into unique homes. In this post we look at three more examples of unusual renovations, letting you know what was involved and what was learned along the way.

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10 worst property development mistakes


Although the property development market can ‘turn a fast buck’ for many, it can just as easily turn into a bottomless money pit for others. For even the most experienced developer, it’s sometimes worth revisiting the basic rules. Similar to how we looked at the ways to achieve a successful renovation in a previous article, let’s take a look at the worst renovation mistakes and how they can be avoided. Continue reading…

Why you should enlist the help of renovation insurance brokers for your high-end property


Risk is never absent when dealing with properties. Purchasing a car has risks, building a house has risks and even being employed has risks. However, when you own an unusually high-value item (such as a high-end property), the necessity to keep your investment secure is more vital than ever. This is the main reason why the insurance industry is thriving nowadays. Continue reading…