Avoiding under insurance when planning a renovation project


When planning a high net worth (HNW) renovation project the value of the insurance cover is extremely important to protect the building, belongings, fixtures and any period features. Under insurance is a common problem with high net worth clients, due to the unique nature of their projects. We delve into the problem and what an experienced broker can do to avoid it. Continue reading…

Renovating a block of units: how to find the right insurance

renovating a block of buildings

One of the areas where renovation insurance provides the most inclusive cover is when renovating a block of units. However, the challenges of block unit renovation are many and complex – requiring the renovator to take an individual view (of each unit) as well as a wider view of the whole project. Continue reading…

Assessing complicated cover for renovation insurance

complicated cover

The nature of renovation means that no two projects are ever the same. We see a range of clients with properties large and small, town and country with different budgets, deadlines, features and designs. This means we often quote for what we call complicated cover, which is tailored to cover exceptional circumstances.  Continue reading…

Renovation insurance policy extensions: when a project is delayed

policy extensions

In an ideal world a renovation project would be completed to deadline, and within budget. Are you chuckling to yourself at the mere thought of this?

We understand that the majority of renovation projects overrun, no matter how organised everyone is, it is just the nature of the beast. This is why we are flexible with our approach, and can offer policy extensions tailored to each renovation project. Continue reading…

How to explain renovation insurance to your clients


The past few months have been busy to say the least. We’ve been up and down the country visiting our extensive network of brokers, training them up on how to use our new Quick Quote system and offering guidance in terms of their continuing professional development.

Continue reading…

Renovation insurance: calculating the risk


Imagine living your life totally risk-free, it can’t be much fun. Boarding a plane would be out of the question so you certainly wouldn’t go anywhere interesting on holiday. But, before you could even make it to the airport, you’d have to leave the house. And, leaving your house puts you at risk of being hit by cars, lightning or falling coconuts.

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