Adding value to your property via the garden


Of all the things you can do to enhance the value of your property, creating a great garden is up there with the best of them.

With spring almost here and tulips beginning to shoot out of the ground, many public parks across the country are taking on a beauty and magnificence that is simply wonderful to observe. The lucky people who have a garden at the front or back of their property tend to really appreciate having a space where they can can enjoy the blooming flowers, shrubs and trees – if they’ve taken the time to cultivate their little plot of land. With some planning and a sense of economy, the investment of time, energy and resources into the garden will pay huge dividends in terms of the value added to your property. This is because of several reasons:

Perceived value

Most people’s ideal home includes a beautiful garden. Often perceived as an asset in itself, a garden is also highly valued in our culture as a symbol of beauty and prosperity. Photos of stately homes and luxurious houses often include shots of their gardens and beautiful surroundings; such properties are promoted in ideal home magazines as the perfect places to live in, and so they take hold in our consciousness. So, adding a garden to your property or enhancing the state of keep of your current garden can definitely raise its perceived value. As one expert is quoted on Moneywise website as saying: “Outside space is always desirable for future buyers”!

A sense of spaciousness

A garden enhances the sense of spaciousness of a property. For the people who live there, it serves as an extension to the house or flat and becomes an outdoor sanctum, perfect for escaping the confines of the home when they want to go out and take a breather. A garden creates the feeling that a house is bigger than its physical size. It also provides a space where people can carry out various activities that are not possible inside the walls of the home.

A place to hang out

This last point made above bring us to the important aspect of the garden as a great space to hang out, especially in spring and summer. For families with younger members especially, the garden becomes the perfect place to have fun and play ball games. For the rest of the family, picnics, summer parties, getting a sun tan, reading in the open air, watching the sunset and simply relaxing are all great things to do in the garden. If you’re looking for a space for storage, particularly for the kids’ bikes and other household items that need to be stored away from the indoor living space, the garden is the perfect spot!

So, if you have that patch of land at the front or back of your house, you’re better off turning it into a beautiful garden – for your own enjoyment and also to add value to your property. It is advised that you get yourself insured if you’re planning on adding value to your property, or even if you’re just keeping items of value within the property.

(Photo by Mark A C Photos)

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