As the architect of a high-value renovation project and part of an experienced team, the broader the scope of your expertise, the more integral a piece of the puzzle you are!

We can help you achieve a better level of understanding with bespoke CPD on crucial topics which may currently be obscure to you, such as JCT contracts.

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) is the body which produces standard-form contracts, documents and guidance for the construction industry. As you might expect, JCT has been an uneasy bedfellow for the insurance industry for some time. We’re changing that.

The basics of JCT contracts and subrogation

Problems often arise due to an insurance problem called ‘subrogation.’ In plain terms, this is the process of reclaiming costs to cover a loss which was another party’s fault. It allows insurers to collect on behalf of a client from a negligent contractor, for example.

If an insurance policy is written in joint names, insurers have no options to recover from these contractors. The agreement between parties is no longer an ‘X collects from Y’ kind of deal.

Most insurers are prevented from entering into agreements which avoid subrogation, so any losses under these terms become a huge extra cost on top of the project and a nasty surprise for the client.

…Can you see why this makes insurers uncomfortable?

The good news? Our products allow joint names and overcome this issue. By working with us, you’re keeping your client in control of their project while still ensuring they get comprehensive cover.

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