Architectural work on pre-existing structures is likely to be the bread and butter of your practice, and only likely to get more common as time goes on.

Making sure you understand your needs when it comes to existing structures and building and property renovation insurance is therefore important.

With the same scope for creativity as a new build, it’s a highly competitive market, so you need to come equipped with a little something special to wow your client. We can help you expand your professional toolkit with bespoke CPD.

Background information on insuring existing structures

For us insurers, existing structures are a challenge. The contract works market is well established for contractors, but insuring structures themselves is controlled by the property part of the market. Their experience of properties undergoing works is more of a mixed bag to say the least.

The important difference here is between insuring the property and insuring the works. Unoccupied properties sometimes struggle to attract the right corresponding insurance. For example, insuring a property for fire damage where the works are insured against All Risks.

This leads to problems, not least of which lies in the works and the properties having two different insurers. Our approach is more coherent, keeping as much as possible under one roof to ensure a streamlined experience for the happy client.

For more details on insuring existing structures, take a look at this short video or get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to talk through our building and property renovation insurance with you.