The secret to being part of a successful renovation is being part of a great team. When you’re liaising with fellow professionals across all areas of expertise, the ability to effectively communicate makes all the difference.

Our free CPD sessions let you understand how insurance brokers think when it comes to approaching high-value renovations.

Over just one lunchtime you’ll flesh out your architectural practise with insight into essential insurance concepts. This brings you closer to the heart of the process and makes you an even more integral part of the renovation team. Our CPD sessions for architects cover:

  • JCT contracts
  • insurance clauses
  • liability for your client and the contractor
  • party wall insurance settling claims
  • helping your client stay in control!

Join us for lunch to expand your professional horizons, ensure you and your client are covered by up-to-date insurance and avoid messy drama. To book free CPD or for more information, contact us on 08442 641200 or send us a message.

You can also join our dedicated LinkedIn group for Architects and other professionals to build your understanding of renovation insurance, as well as to network and share best practice more widely.