By opting for the appropriate clauses in your JCT contract, your client benefits from:


  • retaining control of the insurance for one of their largest assets
  • claims payments going directly to the your client, the employer
  • a single basis of cover and terms for both the works and the existing structure, ‘all risks’
  • having only one insurer to deal with, should a claim occur.

Peace of mind

  • knowing that the insurance is active and that the premium has been paid
  • knowing the sums insured are adequate for both the works and existing structure
  • protection from contractors breaching the terms of the policy, via a non-invitiating clause
  • subsidence cover.


  • having only one excess to pay
  • cover for damage by the contractor
  • the Contractor’s All Risks (CAR) policy being decoupled, allowing for a discount in the tender.

These benefits are important and significant for your client for many reasons, but the main reasons are:

  • control of the policy in terms of cost, timing and application
  • direct payment of claims settlements, where the relationship with the contractor post-loss may be strained
  • claims are still eligible even if the contractor has breached a policy condition without the knowledge of the client.