Our insurance is primarily designed to meet the needs of high value domestic renovators, but also to make sure that it meets and exceeds the requirements of the JCT Contracts used in these projects.

Requiring joint names often makes it impossible for holding insurers to offer compliant terms, either because of their re-insurance arrangements or simply because works fall outside their risk appetite.

The problem of trying to source and cobble together the right insurance for a private client in these circumstances often brings you into areas you may not be confident in, or using products that don’t quite provide the terms of cover you want.

To combat this situation we provide a contract that covers all the bases and makes sure that you and your client can feel comfortable about what you are proposing. The cover is the widest available on the market and mirrors a good deal more closely the type of product your client is used to seeing from you; albeit at a cost.

The main covers are:

    • Existing structure – All risks
    • Contract works – All risks
    • Incidental contents – All risks
    • Consequential losses – All risks
    • POL – To a chosen limit
    • PL – To a chosen limit
    • EL – To a chosen limit
    • Non-negligent Liability – To a chosen limit

The exact details are contained in the wording when read in conjunction with the schedule. We encourage you to read them.