If your renovation project is making extensive structural changes to the existing structure, or has substantial new buildings or extensions, a structural warranty might be helpful.

A large town house that is being renovated.

An insurance-backed structural warranty protects you from possible failings made by the contractor during the construction for up to twelve years. This is particularly useful if you are thinking of selling your property within that period.

Most structural warranties available offer a low-cost, basic fall back in case your contractor is unable to honour the warranty they have provided under the JCT contract. The JCT contract is a standard document used within the construction industry to set out the responsibility and obligations of all involved parties. There is sometimes the option to take up an extended structural warranty too, which can include electrical systems, fixtures and fittings.

In the majority of cases, you are able to request that a structural warranty policy lasts for at least ten years. There are various factors which can affect the length of the warranty offered to you. This takes into account how complex the works are, the financial strength of your contractor and any further concerns.

Watch this short video to get an overview of the importance of structural warranty in your renovation project.

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