Since 1931, the Joint Contracts Tribunal has produced standard forms of contract, guidance notes and other standard forms of documentation for use by the construction industry. If you’re about to hand over a significant amount of money for your renovation project to someone you don’t know, it’s important you’re protected.

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For years the construction industry has used JCT contracts to avoid conflicts and disputes. It provides a framework and protection for both you and your contractor and will protect you over responsibility disputes, deadlines, insurance cover, delays and negligence. The contract will determine potential friction points before the works occur and can therefore easily identify the party responsible if a conflict should arise.

Hopefully your renovation project will incur no issues or disputes, but if things do go wrong the JCT contract you’ve arranged will set out all obligations and responsibilities and you’ll have the framework for a resolution process to follow. In comparison to the cost of your renovation, a JCT contract is small but can have a significant effect if discrepancies occur.

Please see below for further information:

What is a JCT contract?
Find out why a JCT contract is so important to your renovation project.

Why use a JCT contract?
Not using a JCT contract can expose your renovation project to risk.

The different types of JCT contract
Find out more about the different types of JCT contract.

Which JCT contract should I use?
Using the right JCT contract makes sure your renovation project can be delivered, no matter how complex.

JCT insurance clauses
It is critical to use the right insurance clause within the JCT contract to make your insurance really work for you.

It’s much easier to avoid conflict now rather than risk being sued at a later date, so talk to us today about renovation insurance and a suitable JCT contract so you’re fully protected.