How to explain renovation insurance to your clients


The past few months have been busy to say the least. We’ve been up and down the country visiting our extensive network of brokers, training them up on how to use our new Quick Quote system and offering guidance in terms of their continuing professional development.

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Security considerations for your renovation project


Security considerations are extremely important, both for when the renovation is taking place and for the time when you plan to sell the new upgraded property. When a renovation is taking place, thieves and criminals may assume that the site will not be guarded, which can result in unwelcome guests looking to swipe valuables and other materials or vandalise the property. Continue reading…

Hitting the renovation success jackpot

Big windows house

It’s inspiring to read of people taking a slightly quirky or unusual building project and making a big success of it. Not only do such stories confirm that big successes are still achievable even in the midst of so many bad recession stories; they also serve as an encouragement for prospective investors in the business to daringly move forward with their plans. Continue reading…