Partner: Alway Associates


This time around, we’ve chosen Alway Associates as our featured partner firm. Read on to find out more about the construction law services that they provide.

Founded back in 1990, Alway Associates forms part of the larger Alway Group. The company provides a wide range of services, centred around giving legal advice and resolving the type of legal issues that often arise in the construction industry. The majority of their clients work either in the construction industry, facilities management or are in the business of procuring buildings.

Apart from helping resolve any legal issues and disputes that may arise during the course of their clients’ construction work though, Alway Associates also provides its own range of specialist consultancy services.

By offering services such as drafting and advising on contracts and imparting contract and legal advice, Alway Associates is able to help their clients manage and avoid construction problems before they even become an issue.

“Alway Associates was founded in 1990 and specialises in all aspects of construction law, contract drafting, claims and dispute resolution including adjudication and arbitration ” – Alway Associates

The company works with a variety of clients, from different sized companies across a range of sectors. In helping these clients, Alway Associate’s consultants combine their practical knowledge of running projects in the construction industry with the knowledge gained from their qualifications and experience in the field of construction and contract law.

What we like about the way Alway Associates does business is that they work with clients on an individual and personal basis. This lets the customer know that that they’ll receive tailored advice from a very early stage in proceedings.

Alway Associates is also very strict when it comes to making sure that deadlines are met, that any problems are dealt with as quickly as possible and that all calls are returned. We don’t know about you, but in our books, that’s exactly the sort of way a business should be run!


Given their particular way of doing business, it’s not surprising that Alway Associates has built itself a strong reputation. They pride themselves on providing high quality advice, consultancy and representation services – at competitive rates.

To find out more about their services, take a look at the Alway Associates website. Otherwise, for more information on the other trusted partner firms that we choose to work with and whose services we’d recommend to you, please take a look at the partners area of our website.

Photo credits: Alway Associates

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