Renovating the porch of your property


Out of all the exterior facets of a property, nothing conveys visual appeal like an excellently constructed, alluring porch. Conversely, an untidy porch with dying plants and a shabby looking roof will instantly lower the perceived value of a property, regardless of how excellent the interior looks. First impressions count, so it’s important to make a good one with the part of the property that potential buyers will lay their eye on as soon as they approach.

While the numerous costs of a property renovation can quickly add up, there are many ways of improving the aesthetics of the porch while saving your resources for the more expensive parts of the renovation, such as structural repairs. Here are some tips for getting the porch to look as appealing as possible, increasing the value of the property in the process.

Structural integrity

Before you start tackling the bells and whistles of your porch renovation, it’s important to rectify any structural issues first. Rotten or damaged steps, leaks in the roof, damaged floorboards and poorly constructed footings are not only aesthetically unappealing, but they can also be a potential hazard. For leaky and decaying concrete porches, resurfacing is usually an effective solution if replacing the entire porch is not within the budget.

It’s also important to determine whether the damage is due to wear and tear or something else entirely, such as a termite infestation. If the roof is leaking, it could be because there are holes in the flashing. These holes can be filled with silicone to fix leaks; but if the problem is too severe, it might be worth replacing the flashing altogether.

Give the porch a beauty makeover

Once the structural issues are sorted, the beautification process can commence! It’s a good idea to do some online research and determine a colour scheme for the porch that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also complements the style of the rest of the property (as these two factors are not always in alignment). Get the porch thoroughly washed before painting begins; it may even be appropriate to give it a hose down in order to get rid of pieces of dirt which have accumulated over time.

Always get your artisans to choose high quality exterior paints and to work from the top down to avoid covering the same area twice. They will need to scrape off loose pieces of paint with a peeler and sand over these areas with a palm sander. Self-priming paint is also available, and while it is more expensive, it can expedite the painting process because then there is no need to lay down a primer at the beginning.

Finishing touches

After the paint job is finished, decorative elements can be added to complete the masterpiece. Outdoor lighting fixtures come in a range of shapes, styles and sizes, so it’s important to pick something that complements the property. Wall lanterns are great if you’re looking to add some rustic ambience to the front of the property, whereas LED solar powered lights are a popular choice for more modern properties. There are a plethora of options for potted plants, but make sure the ones chosen are tolerant to shade, since you don’t want them to die while sheltered under your porch roof!

And finally

Curb appeal is an important aspect in a property’s perceived value. So take the time during the renovation works to ensure that an appealing portal to the property is created, in expectation of the many potential buyers who would come knocking! Barring structural repairs, just painting and some well-placed plants and lights can make the world of difference between an unappealing and a visually enticing porch.

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