New to Renovation Insurance Brokers: the Broker Portal


We’re really pleased to announce that our Broker Portal is now up-and-running and ready to process your renovation insurance quotes.

“Times are changing for our wholesale broker customer…with the introduction of our Broker Portal which enables them to obtain quick quotes for their clients and streamlines our processes further.” Douglas Brown, Managing Partner.

The Broker Portal is a most welcome addition to the way we currently process quotes. Not only does the new system make for a very user-friendly experience, it also renders the process of obtaining quotes much quicker.

How does the Broker Portal work?

The first step is to obtain your login details to gain access to the Broker Portal. If you don’t already have broker login details then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help with this.

Once you’ve received your username and password, simply log into the Broker Portal and press the ‘Get Quick Quote’ button to begin. You will then be asked to enter the various details of the property you would like to obtain an insurance quote for:

1. Property building sum insured: Enter the total rebuild cost of the property to be insured. This figure equals the total amount necessary (in the unlikely event of a total loss) to rebuild the property to its existing standard – using modern techniques and materials. 

Where a building has listed status (see point 5) or is of historic value this sum is likely to be much higher, since the property will need to be rebuilt in keeping with its original style, construction materials and method.

2. Estimated duration of contract: How long do you expect the renovation works to take? Select a time frame here (from one month to 36 months) from the drop-down box. To avoid having to incur the cost of extending your cover it’s important to get this figure right.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to add at least 20% more time to your original duration of works estimate to give yourself an accurate time scale within which to work.

3. Listing grade: Is the property a listed building? Choose the option that applies to your renovation property from: Grade I, Grade II, Grade II*, Conservation area or no listing at all.

4. Location details: Where is the property located? You can select either urban, sub-urban or rural from the handy drop-down box.



5. Construction: Select from the available choices: is the building in question of standard construction (for instance, made with brick or block walls with a tiled, pitched roof and concrete foundations), non-standard (includes wooden or steel framed constructions) or is it a thatched house?

6. Contract value: The contract value inserted here should be the total cash cost to the renovator (excluding property purchase) made up of the value of the main contract, the value of any subsidiary contracts (for instance glazing or kitchen work), any direct purchases of materials and fittings, VAT and professional fees – such as those for architects and structural engineers.

7. Own plant – total sum insured: Owned plant is items of plant such as diggers, cement mixers and generators which the insured already owns and for which insurance is required. The total sum insured is the combined replacement cost of all of these items on a like for like basis – known as the indemnity basis of settlement.

8. Contents remaining at the premises: Enter the value of any items intending to be left at the property during the renovation process. For more information on insuring any valuables left on site, take a look at our Knowledge Base section on contents insurance.

9. What limit of liability do you require? Here you may choose from a limit of £1m, £2m £10m or none at all. For more advice regarding the different liabilities you may be exposed to, please refer to our liability insurance section.

Then, once all details of the renovation project that you are brokering have been inputted, simply press the ‘Get Quick Quote’ button to receive your quote.

Please note though that your final quote may end up being less or more expensive than indicated in this range – subject to the full risk information.

If you have already used the Broker Portal, please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us how you found using it. We also welcome any feedback you may have on the process.

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