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Firman Reece London building

Firman Reece is a London-based building company that prides itself on its ability to offer a very high standard of service to its clients.

As well as offering high-quality building services, Firman Reece can also offer you a full ‘turn-key’ design and build service to help see your project through, from start to finish.

From designing bespoke interiors for your office space, to converting your home’s basement (don’t forget your liability insurance cover!) Firman Reece is able to turn its experienced hand to both residential and commercial property projects.

What helps Firman Reece really make the most of the work they take on is their strong focus on the project management side of things. This means you can rest assured that there is always a Firman Reece site manager on site to answer any burning questions and to ensure that your renovation project runs smoothly. Where your building or renovation project is particularly large and complex, Firman Reece can also offer you a full management service.

Another aspect we particularly like about Firman Reece is that they are very careful when it comes to choosing who’s contracted-in to help with work on your project. So, from renowned architects to specialist lighting designers, Firman Reece handpicks its colleagues to make sure that, together, they achieve the best outcome for you and your property.

Firman Reece is just one of a handful of our trusted partners that we choose to work with and whose services we recommend to you and your particular building projects. For more information on our partner firms, please take a look at our partners area.

Photo credit: Firman Reece

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