Value enhancing modifications for the outside of your property

Porch area

Depending on the location, the outside of your house may have certain features which can be upgraded to enhance the look of your property or to raise its value prior to a sale

We’ve already discussed the garden as an obvious candidate for enhancement. In this post we will look at a number of other features which can be upgraded to improve the value and aesthetic appearance of your property. What you choose to do will depend on your budget and how comprehensive you want the changes to be. However, with a bit of planning and wise choices, the value you’re able to add to the property will far exceed the amount you’ve spent on the upgrade.

Fencing and boundary walls

The kind of fencing or wall you have around the perimeter of your property can give the impression of security and privacy. Whether it’s a brick wall, a wooden enclosure or a wire fence, there is a psychological benefit to having definitively marked boundaries surrounding your property. Neighbours on the sides of your property tend to respect the fact you’re property is marked off, and this will also result in less trespassing by the public. If the fencing or perimeter wall around your property is not just decorative but has real security features built in, this will certainly add to your property’s value.

Porch – the portal of entry

As the portal through which visitors and prospective buyers enter your house, the porch is a key factor in the saleability of your property. If your porch hasn’t been cleaned or decorated for a while, it can leave a poor impression on prospective buyers – it’s not likely they’re going to look at the rest of the property with kind eyes if the first impression is bad! The bare minimum one can do is clear all clutter out of the porch and give it a good dab of paint. Some property owners may choose to go the full whack and create a porch with fancy pillars, a security door and comprehensive decorations built over their front door area.

Door and windows

The quality and appearance of the windows and doors of your house, from both the outside and inside the property, do make a difference to its value. Do the doors and windows of your property compare unfavourably to those of your neighbours? If so, you may want to consider an upgrade to raise the value of your property. Older properties in urban areas may need to be given a full double glazing make-over.

The driveway

Depending on the location of the property and the amount of space you have around the building, the driveway can also be a candidate for upgrading. If there is quite a bit of distance between your gate and your front door, having an exclusive looking and well-kept driveway can enhance the perception of your house as an upmarket property, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. This kind of feature can be added to your property without an enormous budget.

With all the upgrades we’ve touched on above, definitely consider taking party wall insurance if any alterations you intend to make are likely to impact the other properties in your immediate vicinity.

(Photo by Sonja Lovas)

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